Wednesday, April 22, 2009

copycat, keiko.

so, that david after dentist (or "stoned kid after dentist") was my fave youtube video for months.  anyway, this post is going to copy kaur (a little bit), because i need a break from studying, and because i like lists.  so, i am listing actresses that have, at some point in my lifetime, been my fave.  in no particular order.

1.  katie holmes.  (joey on dawson's creek was the best!!! i wish she was still joey.  also, she shares her birthday with my mom, and when i was 11 that was how i remembered my mom's birthday... i believe i learned this in my first issue of "twist" magazine - which in my early teen years was my magazine of choice)
2.  keira knightly and parminder nagra.  (so so cool in bend in like beckham, sometimes i still love keira)
3.  mara wilson.  (matilda!.. i also loved miss. honey, she was just soo nice)
4.  mary-kate olsen.  (she was my fave! ashley was my sister's.. because i was the tomboy and she was the girly one (just like them).  they have the same birthday as me.  my sister and i grew up on these girls, we called fullhouse the "michelle show" for years)
5.  alyson hannigan.  (back in my intense buffy fan days, willow was my fave)
6.  claire danes.  (my so-called life, enough said)
7.  lindsay lohan.  (i still love her.  parent trap? so awesome! mean girls? even better)
8.  natalie portman.  (i don't think i need to give a reason.  even when i was 12 i thought she was sweet)
9.  melissa joan hart.  (TGIF, sabrina was solid show in that lineup)
10.  Brittany Ashton Holmes.  (i defs had to look this one up, she was darla in the 1994 version of the little rascals.  my sister and i were all about little rascals)

love keiko.

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Alexandra said...

what about poor gabby hoffman?