Monday, April 20, 2009

i thought i'd give you a try.

just like every other college student out there, i have been spending basically all of my time these past little while studying*.  last year, at this time, i was totally done my semester, moved out of my dorm, and getting ready for a trip to mexico... boy, do i wish that i could time travel back to one year ago.  instead of time travel, lets take a second and appreciate the cuteness and greatness of zooey deschanel.  

just look at her, adorable!

on one of our cassette tapes at work (for real, we have a cassette player) there is a song by she & him, and whenever it comes on it makes me really happy.  and even though i hate a lot of the films that she is in (ie. the happening, ughhh), i still have the hugest celebrity crush on her.  i was going to pick a youtube video to post, but i feel like I've been resorting to just posting videos a lot lately, so go youtube her on your own time.

* studying = youtube, refreshing, refreshing facebook news feed/creeping, re-reading postsecret, making lists of bands to check out, making lists of books i'd like to read, doing laundry, coffee breaks, playing brickball, playing scrabble on my nintendo ds

love keiko.

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