Sunday, April 12, 2009

congratulations, you are stupid in every language.

so i am going on the defense for starbucks.  
basically, you are stupid in every single language if you can't remember 3 simple words, after going to starbucks more than a few times.  seriously.  tall, grande, venti.  they are not complicated words.  they are written on the menu, just read it.  oh, not only is it written, but starbucks supplies a nice little stand that has each size cup on it for you to clearly see (with the name of each size printed on it).  i don't care if "venti" doesn't mean large in italian - in starbucks, large is exactly what it means (and that is all that matters).  

also, if you order straight off the menu this should not be difficult! the sizes are on the menu! it isn't necessary that you order "no skinny, no soy milk, no foam, green tea tazo chai latte" if you don't want to, just order what you want (straight off the menu) if it makes you happy, that way your day will not be at all harder.  or if this is such a complication for you, how about not going to starbucks at all?

so basically, starbucks will only make your day harder if you are an idiot and don't bother to look at the menu.

no offense kaur, i still love you.

love keiko

note: i loved the movie, it is absolutely hilarious!  i thought it looked terrible, but boy was i wrong.

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