Monday, May 25, 2009

how deep is your love.

ive listened to nineteen by tegan and sara quite a bit this week, and call it off - in fact, call it off has skyrocketed to my number one played song.  i just love the lyrics to both songs.  so good.

i love things like:

1.  maybe i would have been something you'd be good at.
2.  maybe you would have been something i'd be good at.
3.  i feel you in my heart and i don't even know you.
4.  i felt you in my life before ever i thought to.

songs that i also love (by them):

1.  love type thing.
2.  living room.
3.  where did the good go?
4.  and darling.
5.  i know i know i know.
6.  this is everything.
7.  all of the covers they have done.  (eg.  rebel rebel, dancing in the dark, umbrella).
(... this list was a tough one.  i pretty much love their songs).

love keiko

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