Sunday, August 9, 2009


here is a quick peek into my current reading list!

  1. no one belongs here more than you, miranda july - so, i think this one was on my first book list.  it took me a couple tries to really get into it, and now i LOVE it.  i even battled motion-sickness on my roadtrip to finish a couple stories (motion-sickness is my number one enemy, ugh).
  2. the picture of dorian gray, oscar wilde - (500) days of summer inspired me to pick this one up, obviously.
  3. revolutionary road, richard yates.
  4. brave new world, aldous huxley - recommended by one of my BFFs, should be excellent.

love, keiko.

p.s.  i started reading #2 poolside in vegas, but i left it out in the sun while in the pool... and the glue melted and the pages started falling out.  this happened to me last summer when i started reading fight club (the only difference is that EVERY page of fight club fell out so it was beyond saving, and this time only 2 pages fell out and i got them back in).

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