Saturday, August 1, 2009

on the road.

i am currently in idaho falls, on route to las vegas.  i love road trips and road trip music.  i was unprepared for this one, and didn't get a chance to create a good playlist.  anyway, my weekly ten for the week is really just ten songs ive been listening to quite a bit while driving.

1.  fans - kings of leon
2.  all i ever wanted - mase
3.  because we're dead - slow club
4.  arc of time - bright eyes
5.  make light - passion pit
6.  oversleeping - i'm from barcelona
7.  one chance - modest mouse
8.  million miles - mirah
9.  amour du sol - yelle
10.  paper planes (remix) - m.i.a. ft.  rye rye and afrikan boy.

love, keiko.

p.s.  when we drove into idaho falls this evening we saw a group of ten people cruisin' down the sidewalk on segways (segway city tours? wtf?).  i don't think i had ever seen anyone riding a segway in real life before, so seeing ten of them all in a group was amazing.

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