Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my life.

i don't normally make posts like this, but i am bored.
  • i completed day one of searching for a house/apartment, exciting!  this move is going to be amazing!
  • i need to stop over-thinking, it makes me feel like a crazy person.  ugh.
  • i want to make more beautiful mixes and beautiful cd cases.
  • i want an herb garden... and a regular flower garden.
  • i miss kaur, we've been apart for weeks!
  • i miss vancouver, and am jealous of kaur for all the time she's been spending there.
  • ive recently been sucked back into the world of celebrity gossip, i have mixed feelings about this.
  • i need more scrabble in my life.  it is probably for the best that i haven't been playing much (weeks? a month? what?), but i miss it!  
  • i want to jam pack the last month of summer break and have as much fun as possible.  better get planning.  this summer is flying by, and i don't want it to end... august should last forever.
love, keiko.


Al said...

bananagrams and scrabble will be added to the saturday night agenda!

jkshen said...

omg bananagrams!!!