Wednesday, August 19, 2009

what happens in vegas.

the hangover: C+/B- (i can't decide)

last night i wanted to see district 9 (my cousin, ethan odagaki, wants me to mention that i went with him)- we got there a bit late, got tickets, and then went into the theatre and there were NO seats.  it was disappointing!  the more i read about the movie, the more i want to see it (a few weeks ago i had no intention of seeing it).  anyway.  i ended up seeing the hangover.  completely ridiculous? yes!  hilarious? not so much, i didn't find it as funny as a lot of people made it out to be... still good though.  it definitely had its moments, but they weren't very memorable (the funny parts... the really ridiculous parts were totally memorable)- i can't even remember any of them right now, but i do remember laughing out loud at some points.  this was more of a watch online/rental movie i think (but so have most of the movies that i've seen in theatres in the past couple weeks).

love, keiko.

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