Monday, August 24, 2009

rushes in/here to stay.

shit.  we are into the last week of august and that bums me out.  even though i have a lot to look forward to this fall... summer will soon be coming to an end and that sucks.

oh well, here is my top ten that i missed yesterday!

1.  sleepyhead (starsmith remix ft. ellie goulding) - passion pit
2.  feel it in my bones (ft. tegan and sara) - tiesto 
3.  part one - band of horses
4.  re: stacks - bon iver
5.  live it out - metric
6.  dreaming with a broken heart - john mayer
7.  love and truth - mother mother
8.  losin you - amy milan
9.  new kind of love - plants and animals
10.  end at the beginning - asobi seksu

as for new music... none.

love, keiko.

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