Friday, August 28, 2009

that's a bummer.

after today there are only three days left in the month and that's a bummer.  i'm not really sure why i am dreading the end of august so much.  three good things coming with the end of august?

1.  moving! on tuesday!
2.  fall is my fave season/fall clothes are my fave clothes.
3.  i am looking forward to getting back to school.

love, keiko.

p.s.  i guess i'm bummed about the end of august because then real life sets in (school, working, paying bills since i am moving out of my parents'... and that makes me nervous - don't get me wrong i am so stoked on the moving and growing up), and because friends are heading back to school in different cities/friends moving away... i don't like missing people.  oh and winter will be just around the corner... not a big fan of winter weather.

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