Wednesday, June 24, 2009


last night i watched sixteen candles, and for some reason i didn't really enjoy it (i remember that i loved it in high school) (maybe it was because i was exhausted and really wanted to be asleep).  i guess it's just no pretty in pink or the breakfast club.  anyway, i never noticed was how adorable john cusack was in sixteen candles!  i love john.

so after the movie ended i was thinking about john, and then started thinking about the movie serendipity (one of my all-time faves)... and now i REALLY want to watch it.  i seriously love this movie.  kate beckinsale?  i fell in love with her when i saw this movie in theatres, and i love her to this day because of it.  the other day when i was buying books at chapters i nearly bought love in the time of cholera - just because it is in serendipity.  when i was in new york at age 16 we stayed at the waldorf astoria, and i pretended to be sara thomas all the time. one of the highlights from my trip was when my aunt took me to serendipity3 and we sat in almost the same spot as jonathan and sara did in the movie, and ate frozen hot chocolate, and it was amazing.  

i have officially added "watch serendipity" to my list of things to do in june.  

love keiko.

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