Wednesday, June 3, 2009


i mentioned before how i am a big fan of mix cds.  i have made a (short!) list of reasons why i love making them.

1.  making cases for my mixes!  i don't make cases for the ones that i make for myself, and i don't make people mixes very often - but when i do, i love making an insert that goes with it + cover art.  i wish that i knew my way around my computer a little better so that i could make them even sweeter... but i like to think that my collaging skills are good enough.

2. ordering the songs.  i love making my mixes flow nicely/make the songs fit together perfectly.  usually i will just throw together a bunch of songs that i love, and then spend hours putting them in the perfect order.  again, i tend not to do this for my own mixes, but if i am making it for someone else this is an essential step.

3.  i want my mixes to be special, i like to do as much as i can to make them perfect.

shitty quality picture, but we were pretty proud of this! "blake & taryn's infinite playlist, volume I"

i wish that i had pictures of the inside/back/sides because i loved them.

playlist: (this was SO hard to order, some of the songs don't fit together as nicely as i wanted - collaboration mixes are tough).
*everybody say - takka takka
*holiday - alberta hammond, jr.
*5 years time - noah and the whale
*how many - tender forever
*true or false - bishop allen
walcott - vampire weekend
*tu es beau - yelle
oslo in the summertime - of montreal
don't trust me - 3oh!3
here (in your arms) - hellogoodbye
sex on fire - kings of leon
sic transit gloria... glory fades - brand new
this modern love - bloc party
*bruises - chairlift
tiny paintings - architecture in helsinki
*lovers who uncover - the little ones
*city water - the 1900s

the starred songs=my picks for the mix.

love keiko.

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