Thursday, June 25, 2009

let's read.

i am going to be like kaur, and post my reading list.  also, i would like to note that the book kaur is currently reading is probably my all-time favourite book (extremely loud & incredibly close).

1.  look me in the eye - john elder robison (i am currently reading this).
2.  girl, interrupted - susanna kaysen (because at one point i loved this movie).
3.  stupid and contagious - caprice crane (because someone told me it is hilarious, and because i was not prepared with a book list when i went for the buy 3 get the 4th free sale at chapters - i panicked for the 3rd book).
4.  all families are psychotic - douglas coupland (i read this book in either grade 9 or 10... and i think i loved it... and i also panicked for the 4th book to buy).

before july 1st i plan to buy another 3 books and get a 4th for free - i love this sale, but next time i will prepare myself with a list beforehand.  if you have suggestions let me know!!!

love keiko.

p.s.  i just read neil gaiman's book, coraline, the other day.  so good.  i loved the movie, and thought it was crazy creepy... but the book?  so much creepier/so much more intense.  i need to read more by him.  my boss at work saw that i was reading coraline and started raving about how awesome neil gaiman is... and another coworker told me he is great... and a sweet friend of mine told me to read him.

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