Thursday, June 4, 2009


my day = unproductive and boring.

1.  work 6am-2pm, but came home early.
2.  read outside on my trampoline, but fell asleep.
3.  read 54 pages of perez hilton.
4.  watched tv on the internet for a few hours.
5.  visited my grandma.

oh.  but i did eat some crave cupcakes, and that was nice.  i had been craving them since the weekend (monday's cupcake plan fell through, crave is closed mondays), and my sister came home with a box of them... so satisfying!  she only let me have one, and then left the box out, and all i could think about was how delicious the red velvet one looked (when she came home later on she shared it with me - awesome!).  i love cupcakes.

love keiko.

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