Friday, June 19, 2009

you don't want to be gathered. you want to be eaten.

i just returned from watching year one with keiko.
i know that we both were super excited to go see it.
and im so happy to say it did not disappoint!

year one: A

a solid funny movie with the one and only michael once again i may have had a bit of a bias going into it. though he may be typecast a bit as the bumbling awkward kid - it makes sense because he nails that part. there was some great writing and execution for his part as oh. jack black was the antagonist zed and ill admit despite my usual tendency to not like him he is actually pretty funny - though his humour is more conventional. who else made appearances? one of my personal favourites paul rudd as abel, david cross as cain, christopher mintz-plasse, hank azaria, olivia wilde, and bill hader. so overall a stellar cast. what else what else...umm, pretty much i liked it. definitely full of some laughs even though the plot is predictable. guy who doesnt fit in leaves his commune (or gets kicked out) to see what else is out there, guy is dumb enough to think he's actually smarter than the end has to save everybody with a healthy dose of guy gets girl and payback to unwelcoming villagers oh anddddd feuding friends. though to be fair the feud between michael cera and jack black (best buddies) lasts all of 5 minutes. they're journey went from forest dwellers, to coastal community, to hebrew village, to some sort of empire and wrapped it up in under two hours not bad. oh one downfall...there are definitely a few parts they can do without including some unnecessary gross humour which they resorted to in a few spots, but hey its all forgivable because in the end there was more than just vulgar humour present...and paul rudd made an appearance!


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