Saturday, March 21, 2009

this is the first post.

Who is Kaur? (written by Keiko).

I am going to answer this by listing facts about her, my list will be numbered with periods (my favourite form/the best form of making lists):
  1. Kaur makes her lists lettered, with brackets.  I hate it.
  2. She is one year and fifteen days younger than me, this birthdate is shared with: my dad, John Cusack, and King Henry VIII.
  3. She has great taste in pretty much everything (movies, music, people, television, books...).
  4. She is a pretty decent scrabble play, but has only ever beat me once.  Playing scrabble together is one of my favourite past-times.
  5. The song Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl (Broken Social Scene) makes her sad.
  6. She is drama free.
  7. Sometimes she doesn't use her signal light when she drives.
  8. She plays soccer (this is how we met 5 years ago, in U16).
  9. She can be clumsy, and falls a lot.

note:  I just asked Kaur to tell me about herself, this is what she had to say:  "I like ellipses.  I like alphabetization.  I like things that rhyme.  Hey Twilight is out!!!"

Basically, she is the best person I know, we have a good time, and are each other's favourite person.

This is officially the first post on our little blog, keiko & kaur, and boy oh boy i am so excited.  The purpose for it will be outlined below:
a)  to highlight things we like and love
b)  to highlight things we don't like.
c)  to broaden your musical horizons.
d)  to practice freedom of thought.
e)  to diss perez hilton like it's our j-o-b (we are obsessed with but hate it at the same time).

(As you can see, this section was written by Kaur, if I had written this it would go 1., 2., 3., etc.)

love keiko. 

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