Saturday, March 21, 2009

this is the second first post

who is keiko?

i will similarily answer through the usage of a list, however as aforementioned i use letters and brackets...which are pretty sweet

a) keiko uses numbers/periods for lists but i don't hate it
b) if something is not spelled correctly keiko will stop reading it
c) her birthday is on the 164th day of the year (165th on a leap year)
d) keiko and i have played scrabble in a was great, she's way better than me at it
e) she works at starbucks and thinks im dumb for forgetting if a grande is bigger than a tall or not
f) she's so cool i wanna be just like her when im older...
g) she thinks i fall a lot, but so does she...sometimes when she's standing all alone in the middle of a field
h) i miss the days we'd go on out of town tournaments and she would go off on her own to write in her journal, stuffed giraffe by her side
i) she has brown ray ban wayfarers and a black case. i have black ray ban wayfarers and a brown case
j) she once had a car named molly
k) she is the brains behind this blog


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