Saturday, October 10, 2009

today hey!

- less than a week until 'where the wild things are' is out!!!
- i can't believe anyone allowed miley cyrus to butcher notorious b.i.g. (if he was alive now...she'd get shot)
- i'm really feelin florence + the machine right now
- i need a new hoody and have no idea where to get one i like (i'm overrr american apparel)
- so so so cold outside...i defs have increased my caffeine intake infinitely
- keiko's holiday drink (double tall one pump white mocha one pump peppermint non fat latte) is delicious
- entourage is over for the season and it ended in a big epi of the season
- i went to bed at 9pm on thursday and loved it
- i am getting a snowboarding itch...lets go lets go lets go!
- i bought a new book to read and am loving it! (shantaram by gregory david roberts - review soon!)
- did you see the office this week??? it was perfect.
- barack obama won the nobel peace prize this week...i like him, but it was an interesting choice.


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