Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lately I've been listening to...

1. Rachael Cantu - I was all about Rachael Cantu in grade 12 when she released her first album, Run All Night...(Saturday= my fave song off it). I was pretty stoked when her new album, Far and Wide, came out a couple weeks ago, and I've been listening to it a bunch since. Overall I am diggin' it more than Run All Night, it's got the same feel and it pretty similar... just better. My fave song is Your Hips Are Bad - Back when I was still a frequent myspace user (2007?) this song was on her page and I loved it and was always super bummed that I couldn't find a download of it anywhere.

2. Tender Forever - I forget when I picked up her album (spring? early summer? late winter? who knows)... I didn't listen to much of it other than the song that I knew I liked (How Many) (I fell in love when I saw the cover she did of JT's My Love... I know I blogged about it). Last week someone that I follow on Twitter tweeted about her A LOT so I decided to give her another more thorough listen. 

3. The Blow - Tender Forever sometimes reminds me of The Blow, so after listening to her for awhile I had to dig out the album Paper Television (I never got around to uploading it when I got my new Macbook last year). I forgot how into The Blow I used to be. Parenthesis is my fave song - so fun and so cute. Or maybe True Affection is my favourite.

4. Wolf Parade - I was really into Wolf Parade at the same time that I was into The Blow (winter '06/'07 these were my two fave bands), so naturally I've also been listening to the album Apologies To The Queen Mary (because their second album was shit).

Love, Keiko.

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