Thursday, September 3, 2009

at the end of the day.

three days into september!  the past three days have been fantastic... moving and beginning to settle into my new amazing/adorable/perfect house.  so, because of the moving i don't have anything exciting to blog about... other than how much i love my house.

oh, and i just got a new 16G ipod touch - love!  the first year that the touch came out i got one for christmas and fell in love with it... five months later, after doing laundry, i pulled my clothes out of the dryer and found my touch in three pieces... when i showed it to my dad he responded by saying "didn't you see the warning?" - above my parent's washer is a sign that reads CAUTION CHECK ALL POCKETS FOR IPODS. yup, missed that one.  this time nothing bad will happen to my ipod.

love, keiko.

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