Wednesday, September 23, 2009

just 5.

1. To follow up Kaur's last post, I just want to say that I am not looking forward to the ridic high temperature today.  I am all about the Fall clothes and layers and being cozy, I don't want to have to dress for summer today.  Eff.

2. Tickets for the film fest = purchased, for the most part.  Gigantic on Friday, Breaking Upwards on Saturday, My Suicide next Friday (not purchased yet, but soon) - and then maybe a couple more, I haven't decided yet.

3. Grey's Anatomy season premier tomorrow!!!!!! Yes!

4.  I need to create a reasonably priced wishlist (to be purchased in a few days) from UO but my internet won't load any of the photos.  Ughh soo frustrating.

5.  I recently finished watching the last 2 seasons of Dawson's Creek (last spring I watched seasons 1-4 online).  Even though most of the time I thought the show was really annoying/awful - I LOVED IT. Dawson is obviously the most annoying character on the show, I really dislike him.  Joey is obviously the best... sometimes she is pretty annoying, but back when the show was on TV I loved her, and I guess that love has carried over into my adult life (Katie Holmes used to be so awesome). Oh and I hate how the stupid Joey/Dawson/Pacey love triangle thing lasts THE WHOLE SERIES, they needed to get over each other, but I am glad Joey and Pacey ended up together (Dawson sucks!). Anyway, I might have teared up a little in the series finale - JEN DIES?! WHAT? I don't know how I wasn't aware of that beforehand!

That's all.

Love, Keiko.

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