Saturday, September 26, 2009

Something's happening somewhere.

1. So, Gigantic was my number one film to see at CIFF... I pre-bought tickets and everything - missed it.  We were on the train (already running a bit late) and we got one stop from my house and the train comes to a standstill... "There is a man covered in blood threatening passengers with a knife in car two" - What the shit?!  By the time the police dealt with it and the trains started up again it was after the movie started (filmfest rule: no entry after the screening begins).  Eff.  Luckily there is another showing that I plan to attend.

2. I am pretty excited to make my top10 this week, and you should be too.  I have a feeling that it's going to be a good one!  (I received a glorious mixtape this week from a super sweet friend, the majority of my top10 will be from it).

3. I think that I've narrowed down my UO wishlist to a price that I can afford - expect a blog post of these items (and probably some of the things that I had to remove) soon!

4. My roommates and I finally got around to getting internet and cable set up today! Unfortunately we only got basic cable... which means NO TLC OR FOOD CHANNEL (only the two best channels ever).  Not cool at all. This will have to change.

Love, Keiko.

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