Monday, September 28, 2009


Everyone knows that Tegan & Sara are basically my fave band and have been forever (my first favourite band after my elementary school days and saying that Destiny's Child and Ja Rule were my faves... aka between grade 7-8), I'm getting pretty stoked on their new album next month... I just checked out their Canadian tour dates (which I am also excited about) and they are playing at the Jubilee.  I know that last time they were in town that's where they played, but that was the year I was living in Vancouver - I got to see them at the Commadore Ballroom (which was pretty tight)... I am not looking forward to seeing them at the Jubilee.  I just think seeing them at a bigger venue would take away from the feel of all their past shows I've seen (and I remember hearing shitty feedback from friends who saw them @ the Jubilee last time).  Lame.  But really, I am still excited... just not as excited as I wish I could be.

Love, Keiko.

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