Tuesday, September 22, 2009

fall back.

with the commencement of fall i have chosen to make a list of some of my favourite fall things!

- listening to metric (for some reason fall and metric go together in my head)
- turning down the noise & tempo and listening to jazz music...and nouvelle vague
- wearing all my pretty coats and dressing prettier (or at least attempting to sometimes)
- sweaters & cardigans
- pumpkin pie (for obvious reasons...)
- lighting vanilla & cinnamon candles
- once again appreciating the beauty of reds, oranges, and yellows
- wearing oranges and browns (also for obvious reasons)
- resuming drinking copious amounts of tea for the next 8 months
- scarves!
- leaving my window open for a fresh cool breeze (not like the summer where it was to cool down)
- stepping on crunchy fallen leaves
- watching gilmore girls (this was always a show that felt like fall to me...nice and cozy)
- halloween!!! (oh and the monster mash)


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