Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the days get shorter and the nights get cold

I am actually pretty stoked on the end of summer. Now that we are over a week into September, my apprehension about the end of August is completely gone - and I love fall.  I love school, and today is the first day of classes.  

The highlights of my summer.

- My first Folkfest!
- Family roadtrip.
- New friends.
- Moving out/being independent.
- So many good movies.
- My 21st birthday/fun fun times.
- Discovering my new fave restaurant, The Coup.
- So many beautiful purchases (example: Marc Jacobs bag)
- GTs with the BFF who was in town for (just about) the whole summer.

I know there are tons more but my list can't be endless, so I'll leave it at that.

Summer, you will be missed... but I'm excited for the new season.

Love, Keiko.

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