Wednesday, December 30, 2009

elementary watson.

sherlock holmes: A

i went into this movie with low expectations, because i've read all the holmes stories and saw the trailer and felt that they glamourized it waaaaay too much. well regardless of making sherlock into a big budget was gooood. guy ritchie ain't that bad. robert downey jr. (i like em) did a good job playing holmes definitely playing up the crazy side...though i never thought of holmes as much of a fighter...hmm. oh, and jude law...gotta say he did a great job too. i figured that having such big names playing these characters would make the movie less believable and all i would see is downey jr. and law instead of holmes and watson, but nope i was wrong. i wasn't a huuuge fan of rachel mcadams. oh, and the story line i was skeptical about with all the black magic going on, but in the end i didn't mind. in itself i felt that small details in the movie really made it what it was - the way sherlock would explain his thought process in slow motion and then go through with it. oh! and the way that at the end of the movie he explains exactly how he figured everything out...just like the stories! i'm glad that professor moriarity played a role in it and i can't wait for the next one. apparently they want brad pit to play moriarity...i dunno how i feel about that. anyways, i liked this movie and would suggest seeing it. its definitely entertaining!

ps. who knew that movies were $6.99 on tuesdays? i sure didn't...but thats awesome.

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