Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I do what I want, too.

What do I want?
  • Snowboard more than once this season.
  • Celebrate the end of statistics - worst time of my life (with an 8am exam).
  • Give up on studying and make mixes and christmas cards (only one exam left!).
  • Take LOTS of photos.
  • Banff day.
  • Bowling with a BFF (comes home Monday!).
  • Family Q.T.
  • Holiday baking (gingerbread houses...)
  • Zoolights! Tobogganing! (I put these two together because I have a brand new parka that will keep me nice and warm for both).
  • Have the best break ever, basically.
  • Start thinking of a 2010 to-do list.
Love, Keiko.

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