Monday, December 21, 2009

funny people not being so funny.

funny people: b-

adam sandler = abbrasive, i couldn't sympathise with him at all
seth rogen = saved this movie for me...funny and adorable
leslie mann = whateverrr
eric bana = so sick of his accent so quick
jason schwartzman = i lubadubdub him all the time
jonah hill = annoying as always
aubrey plaza = non-factor
aziz ansari = aighttt
eminem = surprise?

i gave it a b- 'cause i found it awkward and liked the music...otherwise it was too long and not that funny. it was an okay movie which really lacked cohesiveness and any real point (i thought). i still liked it though for some reason. i also liked stranger than fiction though...which most people didn't like, so remember my review is subjective. i still thought it was too long.


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