Thursday, December 24, 2009

what's in your backpack?

i saw up in the air last night!!!
here's a review.

up in the air: A
liked it a lot...not sure if i loved it. i'll try not to give anything away, but i felt as though things worked out a little too perfectly for my liking. i liked all the actors and actresses a lot, they all did a bang on job. seriously clooney can do no wrong. the guy is swauve and smooth just like he is supposed to be. i almost felt though this character was written for him. actually...for some reason i feel as though the film's writer did in fact write the part for george. anyways, the music, cinematography, style everything was perfect. i walked away with lots to think about and okay...i change my mind i loved it. i don't know if its going to walk away with lots of awards this season simply because i don't know if the concept is strong enough for what awards are normally given for. its not about war or racism or a huge musical hit, its just a simple slick movie about relationships. hmm...i gotta run so i can't write more...i did like this movie and i'd recommend it.


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