Monday, December 21, 2009

You were out of my league.

1. True Affection - The Blow
2. Young Adult Friction - The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
3. The Orchard - Sea Wold
4. Tonight I Have To Leave It - Shout Out Louds
5. Got 'Til It's Gone - Janet Jackson
6. Know Better Learn Faster - Thao with the Get Down Stay Down
7. Addicted To Love - Florence And The Machine
8. I'll Fight - Wilco
9. Electric Feel - MGMT (Justice Remix)
10. Shame On Me - Amanda Blank

Love, Keiko.

p.s. I feel a bit of a Janet Jackson kick comin' on, mostly Velvet Robe (it's probably one of my fave albums - I remember the day I bought it, I don't remember how old I was, but it was sometime in elementary and it was winter and I made my dad take me to future shop to buy it).

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