Wednesday, December 9, 2009

imma be.

i should have known today was going to suck as soon as i slipped and fell in my driveway.
i woke up extra early to get a bunch done today and got dressed up all nice.
too bad i forgot my wallet at home.
i ended up wasting half my day which i could have used to study.
when i got back home with a throbbing knee i decided that i might as well watch a movie.
i decided to watch (500) days of summer...i forgot how heartbreaking it was.
poor choice, 'cause now i don't feel like doing anything.
in order to motivate myself i'm going to make a list of all the fun things i'm going to do during break!

- snowboard any chance i get
- get back into doing hot yoga
- watch all the movies i've been meaning to see
- read all the books i've been meaning to read
- knit a new scarf and hopefully some mittens
- go christmas shopping
- go out for dinner (i haven't gone out for dinner in agesss...since summer i'm sure)
- tobaggan
- skate (i have a newfound love for skating)
- go see zoolights! (i say i'm going to go every year but have never gone)
- hopefully hit up the banff hotsprings
- be more interesting and blog more
- shoot a glock at the shooting range

that's really fact i don't have all that much to look forward to except for the fact that i won't have to worry about school.
i guess thats nice.

ps. i really feel like watching love, cute and christmas-y

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