Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i do what i want.


- to watch up in the air (so so so bad...i need to see this right now)
- to snowboard (i haven't tried out the snowboard i bought earlier this year yet!)
- to get rid of this headache (i never get headaches...so this sucks)
- to go to higher grounds and get a dublin mist
- to see more of keiko...(i think i last saw her at work a few weeks ago)
- to watch peak season
- to go to new york for new years
- to be done with finals (my last exam is at 7pm on the last possible day - the 21st)
- to have a games night (its been a long time since i've played any games)
- to go to zoolights (i've never been, like i've said before, and want to go 'cause its christmas-y)
- to bake and toboggan
- to go on a roadtrip (anywhere...)
- to fall in love with a new band/artist (last year was bon iver, this year it was phoenix & the xx)
- to buy new books and read them all


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