Sunday, December 13, 2009

I want your drama.

Here's my five.

1. Bad Romance - Lady Gaga (I seriously love this song)
2. You've Got The Love - Florence and the Machine (but I've also listened to the version by The xx a bunch of times this week too... so good!!!!)
3. Mushaboom - Feist (Postal Service Mix)
4. So We Could Deal - Tender Forever
5. Boom - Anjoulie

.... let's just add five more, it'll be a ten.

6. Don't Haunt This Place - The Rural Alberta Advantage
7. Black & Gold - Ellie Goulding
8. Rome - Pheonix
9. Satellite Heart - Anya Marina
10. Pretend It's A Race And I'm On Your Side - James Figurine

(All of these songs are either from a new mix, or are on playlists for mixes I am making for gifts... or both)

Love, Keiko.

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